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Part of the fun of this art form we call BDSM is all the wondrous gear available.  While most nights a Dominant's well timed pinch will suffice, sometimes a quiet evening at home requires something....more.


Contrary to popular belief, I myself have but a modest collection in my own bedside drawer. Just a few items for personal use.  Really.


The STOCKROOM, however, has a stockroom full.  And EXTREME RESTRAINTS has a staggering selection of products.  I selected both these companies as vendors because each offers excellent customer service and high quality merchandise.


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Throughout the Glossary of Kink website I have placed links to products.  The illustrations are links. For example, if you see a photo of clover style nipple clamps, a click on that photo should deliver you directly to where the item can be purchased.  Similarly, if you are reading the article about hoods and see the word "leather" highlighted with blue, a click there will lead you to a black leather hood for purchase.

I am an affiliate to these vendors and I receive a small percentage of each sale that comes to them through my site.




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